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Mac-N-Cheese Please! April 30, 2010

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TUESDAY- APRIL 27,2010!!

This was a happy day!

Breakfast was delicious!!

2 Nature's Path Cinnamon Oat-bran waffles + Smart Balance crunchy PB + banana and a little drizzle of All-Natural Agave Syrup!

My New Black Tea!!! Soooo good! (just the way it is.. right!)

Then I packed a lunch for my long day!

Larabar, Peach Greek Yogurt, whole wheat sand. thin + sprouts, avocado, and reduced fat provolone!

**Then Out the door for a BioLab exam!!! A group meeting for Spanish204, English 373 class, Bio 105, English 303, and the GYM!!!!!!! Yippeeeee the gymmmm-

“Ode to the Gym”

Gym, short for gymnasium

Oh how I love thee

I cannot even count the ways– there are too many!

Alright– moving on from that EXQUISITE Poem.. wow! After the gym I ate 1 slice of 100% whole wheat bread with smoked salmon (+ lemon)! I just needed some grains and protein quick because I had another meeting! Well,  I thought I did but it got cancelled… it was alright- It gave me time to complete an online quiz! Awesome! And it gave me time to bake some “Wholly Wholesome” Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!!!! YUM! I ate one (and I think my roomies enjoyed them as well)!

After doing some homework I was ready to make some dinner! Something fun sounded nice! Ok- So Mac-N-Cheese + Peas + tuna! Yes PLEASE!

Annie's (happy/organic) Mac & Cheese!


  • Only 3/4 of the cheese packet (included in the box)
  • a splash of Almond Milk
  • pepper!!
  • a small can of PEAS (Thanks for the donation Hailey!)
  • And a small can of albacore white Tuna

MMM--- All mixed together in the pot! Ok, I know it looks sort of odd (and smelled funny)! BUT It is SO TASTY!


And for Dessert!

little bowl of Cinnamon Puffins + "baby" raisins (aka zante currants) in Almond Milk!


Well, wednesday began early with a familiar breakfast and studying for my Spanish oral exam!

2 Cinnamon oat-bran waffles + smart balance peanut butter and banana! Lil agave syrup!

Then packed a snack to have in English class…

Yummy peppermint chocolate Luna!

Time for some leftovers for lunch!!!!

SALAD!!!!! *Left over Annie's mac-n-cheese + tuna and peas!

A snack before heading off to the studio:

*Orange *Non-salted Pistachios * 1 Newman O's Ginger Cookie! *Hot tea (black tea)

Packed a snack for the studio:

Gala Apple! mmm

Then home for dinner??? “Breakfast for dinner”

2 eggs + reduced fat provolone cheese in a whole wheat wrap... wasabi mix! mmm


Up early to finish a paper on The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and to study for an English (Romanticism) exam!!! And to eat a yummy breakfast… actually— a repeat of the past 2 mornings!

Girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do! I LOVEEEE this combo... cinnamon oat bran waffles + pb + banana and a drizzle of agave syrup... CAN'T GO WRONG!

Then I packed snacks/lunch for my busy day on campus!

Strawberry Greek Yogurt, Gala Apple, "Nutz and chocolate" Luna bar, and light string cheese!!

After exams and class I headed to the gym to meet my dear friend Gioia (pronounced JOYA)! We had a great workout and I came home ravenous! I needed to refuel fast so…. INSERT LEFTOVERS… Yes, *SALAD* *MAC-N-CHEESE + TUNA AND PEAS* AND 2 EGGS for that extra kick of protein!

And I just had some dessert!!!

Chocolate VitaTop! I microwave it a bit so it was warm and gooey! mmm

Alrighty! Now I am going to have some tea and study for exams– also, getting to bed early so I can go for an EARLY MORNING RUN!!! The first  5 mile run of the season!!! I’m quite thrilled! Also, I will be gone this whole weekend in Raleigh for a dance competition with the studio I work for… So more than likely will not be photographing or posting! But next week!!!

So- the theme of the week… Annie’s Mac-N-Cheese + tuna and peas and Cinnamon waffles + Smart Balance peanut butter + banana!!! mmm

**I hope everyones weekend is extremely productive and exciting!!!**


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