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shmorgishborg April 27, 2010

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Well Well Well- It’s been a busy month.. so obviously my post have been quite seldom! Furthermore, photographing food has been quite scattered! But- I felt it would be a shame to let go to waste the random “here-n-there” photos that I did manage to take. So… Let’s start by noticing how LOVELY my campus is this time of year… and I am so thankful that one reason I cannot post as often as I could before is because I have been spending large quantities of time on campus! I love UNCG and I love the formal education process! I feel so blessed and thankful! So- check out a bit of my lovely campus.

ok- It's time to get to the food!

Alrighty- Let’s see some April eats… (notice that I have many breakfast photos… looks like that’s the easiest meal of the day to photograph)!

SO– THERE WERE BREAKFASTS… EVERY DAY! (I don’t think I’ve missed a single breakfast in about a year)!

2 eggs in 100% whole wheat bread (from Carborro) *green grapes! * Hot tea

Hot Tea * green grapes* 100% whole wheat toast + smart balance light butter and blackberry spread

2 eggs+ mushrooms & feta* 100% whole wheat + smart balance natural light butter *Green grapes* and hot tea!

**I’m seeing a trend here… eggs, whole wheat toast, green grapes, hot tea** hmmm–

*Hot Tea * Cinnamon Puffins + banana + Almond Milk

New Cereal: Yogi Goji Berry... New Milk: PureAlmond Milk!!! Hot tea!

Hot Tea (DUHH) + 2 eggs + light provolone cheese in a whole wheat bagel thin!

I also managed to photograph some SNACKS/LUNCHES/PACKED LUNCHES!!! Let’s see what we’ve got here…

banana and portion control peanut butter! thanks!

"Pecan Pie" Larabar + apple!

**This was definitely a lunch packed for a Tuesday— my LONGEST days!!!

*Sandwich: 1 slice 100% whole wheat + sprouts + light provolone cheese + avocado!

* “Pistachio” Larabar *Carrot *Chobani- Vanilla Greek Yogurt *V8

This was probably a thursday: semi-long day! Whole wheat sandwich thin + sprouts, avocado, light provolone cheese. Carrot. Pomegranate granola bar!

I LOVE SALADS!!!! And Back to Nature Poppy Thyme crackers! mmm

This should win an award for AWESOME lunch!!!! *Cantaloupe* *Mixed Greens + Balsamic* *Whole wheat sandwich thin + avocado, sprouts, spinach, and light provolone cheese*!!!! *HOT TEA!

So, I suppose it’s quite clear (if it was not before) that I love HOT TEA!!! It has totally replaced coffee– Last semester I had coffee all the time.. now, I think I have had a total of 6 cups this entire semester! I like coffee but I LOOOVEE hot tea (just the way it is.. no sugar necessary)!

Before I head off to work- I have to finish with a piece of scripture that has really meant a lot to me this month!!

“Blessed is she who has believed what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!” Luke 1:45

I am just praising praising praising God this month! It’s been a very hectic, paper filled, late night study, competition weekend, meetings and deadlines sort of month but I have been able to smile through all of it! God is so faithful and I trust that the harder things are getting… the close I am getting to His plans for my life! Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. This verse (above) has really been an extra bit of peace and comfort throughout my days!


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