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Carrboro Sunday April 12, 2010

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I love Sunday’s in Carrboro– especially with Courtney– and especially with Roman! Today my roommate and I drove to Chapel Hill to spend some quality time in Carrboro with our friend Roman!!! But before that happened, breakfast happened:

2 cage free eggs, whole wheat bagel thin + black berry jam and strawberry creme cheese + green grapes + "Morning Thunder" Hot black tea!

Then before we headed out for our car ride… a snack happened:

gala apple + all natural Thyme Poppyseed crackers + light mozzarella string cheese

In Carrboro, a sweet little town that is friendly neighbor to Chapel Hill, we ate at The Spotted Dog! YUM!

The Spotted Dog is a very cute restaurant, with a fairly varied menu, and quite vegetarian friendly!!!

Here is beautiful Roman at lunch!


We all shared some chips and salsa– Courtney will be the model in this photo.. thank you for the demonstration: How to properly dip the chip in the salsa…I got the delicious “vegetarian chimichangas” THEY WERE SO GOOD! Cheesy + black beans… mmmm! I also started with a great salad but forgot to photograph it… thanks Roman and Suggs for the quick reminder to photograph this:

It was a lot but I ate it ALL! 🙂

And then… We had to visit “Grand-ma Greezy!” Since Freshman year of college Courtney and I have taken a photo with this lovely lady every year, sometimes multiple times a year depending on how many Carrboro visits we get to make!

Friends For Always!


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