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What-A-Week!?! April 10, 2010

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So- It has been a pretty busy week (story of my life)! I had a couple major tests this week… one of them, Biology! YIKES! Therefore, Instead of posting regularly like a good little bloggin’ girl.. I studied! Who woulda thought?! Here are some of this weeks eats… not all was photographed since obviously it was far more necessary to understand the ways in which Antibodies and Antigens interact with each other rather than photograph Greek Yogurt and Apples! 🙂

Let’s take a look at WEDNESDAY:

*A yummy breakfast was in order…

Banana nut Vitatop + banana *Then of course time to pack a snack for class:

Lemon Zest Luna! Perfect for English 211

After class it was off to the gym then home for a spectacular lunch!!

2 slices whole grain Ezekial sprouted bread + smoked salmon + lemon + brussels sprouts! SO GOOD!


*Then off to the studio– since Wednesdays are my long night of teaching I packed a bit of fuel: Kashi TLC- Roasted Almond Crunch granola bar!**Of course I was super hungry for dinner when I got home! So…

Kashi Veggie Lasagna + Black Chai tea!!!!!!

Yesterday, THURSDAY!!! Began early with fueling up for a personal training session at DownTownFit and studying for my Bio exam!

Plain Greek Yogurt + raw walnuts + raisins + Kashi "Go Lean Crunch" and my love: Hot Tea- "Morning Thunder Black Tea"

DTFIT! I LOVE working with my personal trainer, Robin! She is spectacular! I only get to work with her twice a month for the fact that it is quite expensive but honestly, that is all the time I need with her. I am really quite motivated myself and fortunately pretty knowledgeable on proper workout techniques and variations… but… It is great to have that extra push!! I only started going to Down Town Fit because my roomie, Courtney, gave me a gift card for 2 free sessions! I loved Robin so much that I had to go back! And then- for my birthday Courtney gifted me two more sessions with Robin! SO exciting! Anywho

After I had an AWESOME session with Robin I was ready to refuel! Unfortuantely, I really need to get to the grocery store (I am going TONIGHT!!!), So I had some low fat string cheese for protein and…

2 slices of Whole Grain Ezekiel Sprouted Bread + blackberry spread and strawberry cream cheese. and- Black Chai Hot Tea (plain, as usual)!

**Then it was off for a long day of classes and  a Bio exam!!! So, I packed my hello kitty lunch box:

Juice Box, dried apricots, raw pistachios, and a Kashi TLC Roasted Almond Crunch bar!

**I did not think that would be enough– and it wasn’t… So I stopped at the EUC and grabbed a banana and a little peanut butter!**

After a long day.. my great friends Gioia and Jath and Liz and I decided to have girl night! We all went to the gym together (since I had such an intense workout in the morning I only did Cardio this time!), then out to eat at one of the yummiest restaurants in Greensboro, Lindley Park Filling Station, and then had a sleep-over– where we watched friends, ate some pretzels, and a bit of ice cream. At the restaurant I had some of the most divine pita chips with hummus, DELICIOUS salad, and 1/2 tuna salad on whole wheat! SO DELICIOUS! I’m so sad I forgot my camera to take photos! Oh well, next time!



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