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Hello Birthday Month March 2, 2010

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Well! March– is a great month! Yes, it is my birthday month!

So– my roomies Courtney and Hailey decided to give up their sweet tea addiction for the month so I decided to join in the fun by giving up “sweet treats” for the month! So– Keep me accountable… although, maybe turn your heads on my birthday because I might just have to have  a slice of cake, if there is one present.

Alrighty.. So, today… the first day of march/the first day of a new week/a beautiful day… Today smelled of new opportunities and new goals to be made!!!  But… this lovely day began with breakfast:

"Chocolate Champion Greek Yogurt"...

**This is a Greek Yogurt targeting children… so, of course, I had to try it!! I expected it to taste like a Wendy’s frosty… umm.. NOPE-  Far from it! Let’s just say.. I wont be buying it again! It wasn’t nasty by any means… but I like plain Greek Yogurt far better! Anywho- I added aprox. 6 almonds and sliced banana to it! As well as a side of wheat toast with strawberry jam!**

Then I headed off to close with a cliff z-bar in hand.. for some fuel!

My hunger has increased the past couple of weeks since I have been working a lot on my running speed… I’m not complaining though.. just warning you.. you may see a lot of food on this blog… it’s all necessary though! Alright- moving forward!

I got back from class and needed some lunch/fuel before the gym:

Whole Wheat bagel + mustard + munster cheese + "ham" (fake meat.. :()

**Yes, I had some fake meat… fake ham… as you know, I am not a fan of “fake” protein… I try to eat as natural as possible.. but due to crazy mid-term exam schedule mixed with life schedule and work schedule/competition season beginning… sometimes a girl just has to grab something quick… and as a Pescatarian… this is the best I can do! It doesn’t taste bad.. it’s just very processed and on my list of things to eat is right next to oreo’s… meaning that… this product, as well as most “veggie burgers” and other Boca/Morningstar/Amys products/Tofu products, are quite processed and not to be eaten in excess… in my book at least.  **

Ok- So.. off to the gym and then back to refuel/eat before heading off to the studio:

YUMMY Salad and Whole Wheat Sandwich thin + veggie burger and catsup

At the studio I had an apple.. and then was SO hungry for dinner when I got home! So I had:

Kashi- Veggie Chana Masala!

**Sooooo delicious!**

I think I am about to munch on a carrot stick and make some “sleepy time” hot tea to go along with The Scarlet Letter… gotta read it for class tomorrow! It’s a good one to” have to” read though!

Happy March Everyone! I hope you’re all feeling refreshed as this new month rolls in! I hope that you are energized and ready to set new goals! With spring time around the corner, I hope that you feel motivated to reach those goals and keep moving forward! Praise God for the changing of seasons… and for birthday months!! 🙂


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