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Mac-N-Cheese Please! April 30, 2010

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TUESDAY- APRIL 27,2010!!

This was a happy day!

Breakfast was delicious!!

2 Nature's Path Cinnamon Oat-bran waffles + Smart Balance crunchy PB + banana and a little drizzle of All-Natural Agave Syrup!

My New Black Tea!!! Soooo good! (just the way it is.. right!)

Then I packed a lunch for my long day!

Larabar, Peach Greek Yogurt, whole wheat sand. thin + sprouts, avocado, and reduced fat provolone!

**Then Out the door for a BioLab exam!!! A group meeting for Spanish204, English 373 class, Bio 105, English 303, and the GYM!!!!!!! Yippeeeee the gymmmm-

“Ode to the Gym”

Gym, short for gymnasium

Oh how I love thee

I cannot even count the ways– there are too many!

Alright– moving on from that EXQUISITE Poem.. wow! After the gym I ate 1 slice of 100% whole wheat bread with smoked salmon (+ lemon)! I just needed some grains and protein quick because I had another meeting! Well,  I thought I did but it got cancelled… it was alright- It gave me time to complete an online quiz! Awesome! And it gave me time to bake some “Wholly Wholesome” Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!!!! YUM! I ate one (and I think my roomies enjoyed them as well)!

After doing some homework I was ready to make some dinner! Something fun sounded nice! Ok- So Mac-N-Cheese + Peas + tuna! Yes PLEASE!

Annie's (happy/organic) Mac & Cheese!


  • Only 3/4 of the cheese packet (included in the box)
  • a splash of Almond Milk
  • pepper!!
  • a small can of PEAS (Thanks for the donation Hailey!)
  • And a small can of albacore white Tuna

MMM--- All mixed together in the pot! Ok, I know it looks sort of odd (and smelled funny)! BUT It is SO TASTY!


And for Dessert!

little bowl of Cinnamon Puffins + "baby" raisins (aka zante currants) in Almond Milk!


Well, wednesday began early with a familiar breakfast and studying for my Spanish oral exam!

2 Cinnamon oat-bran waffles + smart balance peanut butter and banana! Lil agave syrup!

Then packed a snack to have in English class…

Yummy peppermint chocolate Luna!

Time for some leftovers for lunch!!!!

SALAD!!!!! *Left over Annie's mac-n-cheese + tuna and peas!

A snack before heading off to the studio:

*Orange *Non-salted Pistachios * 1 Newman O's Ginger Cookie! *Hot tea (black tea)

Packed a snack for the studio:

Gala Apple! mmm

Then home for dinner??? “Breakfast for dinner”

2 eggs + reduced fat provolone cheese in a whole wheat wrap... wasabi mix! mmm


Up early to finish a paper on The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and to study for an English (Romanticism) exam!!! And to eat a yummy breakfast… actually— a repeat of the past 2 mornings!

Girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do! I LOVEEEE this combo... cinnamon oat bran waffles + pb + banana and a drizzle of agave syrup... CAN'T GO WRONG!

Then I packed snacks/lunch for my busy day on campus!

Strawberry Greek Yogurt, Gala Apple, "Nutz and chocolate" Luna bar, and light string cheese!!

After exams and class I headed to the gym to meet my dear friend Gioia (pronounced JOYA)! We had a great workout and I came home ravenous! I needed to refuel fast so…. INSERT LEFTOVERS… Yes, *SALAD* *MAC-N-CHEESE + TUNA AND PEAS* AND 2 EGGS for that extra kick of protein!

And I just had some dessert!!!

Chocolate VitaTop! I microwave it a bit so it was warm and gooey! mmm

Alrighty! Now I am going to have some tea and study for exams– also, getting to bed early so I can go for an EARLY MORNING RUN!!! The first  5 mile run of the season!!! I’m quite thrilled! Also, I will be gone this whole weekend in Raleigh for a dance competition with the studio I work for… So more than likely will not be photographing or posting! But next week!!!

So- the theme of the week… Annie’s Mac-N-Cheese + tuna and peas and Cinnamon waffles + Smart Balance peanut butter + banana!!! mmm

**I hope everyones weekend is extremely productive and exciting!!!**


shmorgishborg April 27, 2010

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Well Well Well- It’s been a busy month.. so obviously my post have been quite seldom! Furthermore, photographing food has been quite scattered! But- I felt it would be a shame to let go to waste the random “here-n-there” photos that I did manage to take. So… Let’s start by noticing how LOVELY my campus is this time of year… and I am so thankful that one reason I cannot post as often as I could before is because I have been spending large quantities of time on campus! I love UNCG and I love the formal education process! I feel so blessed and thankful! So- check out a bit of my lovely campus.

ok- It's time to get to the food!

Alrighty- Let’s see some April eats… (notice that I have many breakfast photos… looks like that’s the easiest meal of the day to photograph)!

SO– THERE WERE BREAKFASTS… EVERY DAY! (I don’t think I’ve missed a single breakfast in about a year)!

2 eggs in 100% whole wheat bread (from Carborro) *green grapes! * Hot tea

Hot Tea * green grapes* 100% whole wheat toast + smart balance light butter and blackberry spread

2 eggs+ mushrooms & feta* 100% whole wheat + smart balance natural light butter *Green grapes* and hot tea!

**I’m seeing a trend here… eggs, whole wheat toast, green grapes, hot tea** hmmm–

*Hot Tea * Cinnamon Puffins + banana + Almond Milk

New Cereal: Yogi Goji Berry... New Milk: PureAlmond Milk!!! Hot tea!

Hot Tea (DUHH) + 2 eggs + light provolone cheese in a whole wheat bagel thin!

I also managed to photograph some SNACKS/LUNCHES/PACKED LUNCHES!!! Let’s see what we’ve got here…

banana and portion control peanut butter! thanks!

"Pecan Pie" Larabar + apple!

**This was definitely a lunch packed for a Tuesday— my LONGEST days!!!

*Sandwich: 1 slice 100% whole wheat + sprouts + light provolone cheese + avocado!

* “Pistachio” Larabar *Carrot *Chobani- Vanilla Greek Yogurt *V8

This was probably a thursday: semi-long day! Whole wheat sandwich thin + sprouts, avocado, light provolone cheese. Carrot. Pomegranate granola bar!

I LOVE SALADS!!!! And Back to Nature Poppy Thyme crackers! mmm

This should win an award for AWESOME lunch!!!! *Cantaloupe* *Mixed Greens + Balsamic* *Whole wheat sandwich thin + avocado, sprouts, spinach, and light provolone cheese*!!!! *HOT TEA!

So, I suppose it’s quite clear (if it was not before) that I love HOT TEA!!! It has totally replaced coffee– Last semester I had coffee all the time.. now, I think I have had a total of 6 cups this entire semester! I like coffee but I LOOOVEE hot tea (just the way it is.. no sugar necessary)!

Before I head off to work- I have to finish with a piece of scripture that has really meant a lot to me this month!!

“Blessed is she who has believed what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!” Luke 1:45

I am just praising praising praising God this month! It’s been a very hectic, paper filled, late night study, competition weekend, meetings and deadlines sort of month but I have been able to smile through all of it! God is so faithful and I trust that the harder things are getting… the close I am getting to His plans for my life! Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. This verse (above) has really been an extra bit of peace and comfort throughout my days!


Carrboro Sunday April 12, 2010

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I love Sunday’s in Carrboro– especially with Courtney– and especially with Roman! Today my roommate and I drove to Chapel Hill to spend some quality time in Carrboro with our friend Roman!!! But before that happened, breakfast happened:

2 cage free eggs, whole wheat bagel thin + black berry jam and strawberry creme cheese + green grapes + "Morning Thunder" Hot black tea!

Then before we headed out for our car ride… a snack happened:

gala apple + all natural Thyme Poppyseed crackers + light mozzarella string cheese

In Carrboro, a sweet little town that is friendly neighbor to Chapel Hill, we ate at The Spotted Dog! YUM!

The Spotted Dog is a very cute restaurant, with a fairly varied menu, and quite vegetarian friendly!!!

Here is beautiful Roman at lunch!


We all shared some chips and salsa– Courtney will be the model in this photo.. thank you for the demonstration: How to properly dip the chip in the salsa…I got the delicious “vegetarian chimichangas” THEY WERE SO GOOD! Cheesy + black beans… mmmm! I also started with a great salad but forgot to photograph it… thanks Roman and Suggs for the quick reminder to photograph this:

It was a lot but I ate it ALL! 🙂

And then… We had to visit “Grand-ma Greezy!” Since Freshman year of college Courtney and I have taken a photo with this lovely lady every year, sometimes multiple times a year depending on how many Carrboro visits we get to make!

Friends For Always!


What-A-Week!?! April 10, 2010

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So- It has been a pretty busy week (story of my life)! I had a couple major tests this week… one of them, Biology! YIKES! Therefore, Instead of posting regularly like a good little bloggin’ girl.. I studied! Who woulda thought?! Here are some of this weeks eats… not all was photographed since obviously it was far more necessary to understand the ways in which Antibodies and Antigens interact with each other rather than photograph Greek Yogurt and Apples! 🙂

Let’s take a look at WEDNESDAY:

*A yummy breakfast was in order…

Banana nut Vitatop + banana *Then of course time to pack a snack for class:

Lemon Zest Luna! Perfect for English 211

After class it was off to the gym then home for a spectacular lunch!!

2 slices whole grain Ezekial sprouted bread + smoked salmon + lemon + brussels sprouts! SO GOOD!


*Then off to the studio– since Wednesdays are my long night of teaching I packed a bit of fuel: Kashi TLC- Roasted Almond Crunch granola bar!**Of course I was super hungry for dinner when I got home! So…

Kashi Veggie Lasagna + Black Chai tea!!!!!!

Yesterday, THURSDAY!!! Began early with fueling up for a personal training session at DownTownFit and studying for my Bio exam!

Plain Greek Yogurt + raw walnuts + raisins + Kashi "Go Lean Crunch" and my love: Hot Tea- "Morning Thunder Black Tea"

DTFIT! I LOVE working with my personal trainer, Robin! She is spectacular! I only get to work with her twice a month for the fact that it is quite expensive but honestly, that is all the time I need with her. I am really quite motivated myself and fortunately pretty knowledgeable on proper workout techniques and variations… but… It is great to have that extra push!! I only started going to Down Town Fit because my roomie, Courtney, gave me a gift card for 2 free sessions! I loved Robin so much that I had to go back! And then- for my birthday Courtney gifted me two more sessions with Robin! SO exciting! Anywho

After I had an AWESOME session with Robin I was ready to refuel! Unfortuantely, I really need to get to the grocery store (I am going TONIGHT!!!), So I had some low fat string cheese for protein and…

2 slices of Whole Grain Ezekiel Sprouted Bread + blackberry spread and strawberry cream cheese. and- Black Chai Hot Tea (plain, as usual)!

**Then it was off for a long day of classes and  a Bio exam!!! So, I packed my hello kitty lunch box:

Juice Box, dried apricots, raw pistachios, and a Kashi TLC Roasted Almond Crunch bar!

**I did not think that would be enough– and it wasn’t… So I stopped at the EUC and grabbed a banana and a little peanut butter!**

After a long day.. my great friends Gioia and Jath and Liz and I decided to have girl night! We all went to the gym together (since I had such an intense workout in the morning I only did Cardio this time!), then out to eat at one of the yummiest restaurants in Greensboro, Lindley Park Filling Station, and then had a sleep-over– where we watched friends, ate some pretzels, and a bit of ice cream. At the restaurant I had some of the most divine pita chips with hummus, DELICIOUS salad, and 1/2 tuna salad on whole wheat! SO DELICIOUS! I’m so sad I forgot my camera to take photos! Oh well, next time!



Goodbye March- Hello April! April 1, 2010

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Happy April Fools Day–

I said “hello” to April today by starting my morning off with a delightful three mile run! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY (to run)!! But before we get more into April- I think it would be polite to say goodbye to March first, especially since March was an INCREDIBLE month!

March was my Birthday month- March 10th! **I spent my birthday morning at home, in Charlotte, and when I came down in the morning mom had this beautiful set up ready for m!!!**

Birthday Breakfast- coffee + skim milk, 2 eggs, and a blueberry muffin

*The blueberry muffin served as my “sweet treat” for March! You see, March was also a wonderful month because I decided on February 28th that throughout the entire month of March I was going to give up “sweets” and unnecessary sugars. This was as a birthday gift to myself and to challenge myself! It was actually not as difficult of a task as I had expected. It’s April now and I do not even crave any sweets. I’ll probably just stick to the natural ones for a while: obviously fruits, dates (those stand in as my candy.. love em), 60% or more dark chocolate, and natural honey at times if I want. It was a fun endeavor… I’m very glad I did it. I must say though, there were three difficult times where I had to fight to abstain: when I was in Atlanta visiting family and they were eating “Thin Mints”- chocolate and mint is perhaps one of my favorite combos in the world, the second time was on my birthday- I worked at the studio that night and my boss gave me a really delicious looking brownie/cup cake which I had to give to my brother (he was happy about that), and the third was on my birthday celebration here in Greensboro and we got a cookie cake (those used to be my all time favorite). So- it wasn’t always easy but for the most part- it was! Fruit, Hot Tea, and Dates are great stand ins when a treat is wanted or needed.

March was also delightful because my best friend/sister Erin came to visit me from Wilmington! We had great weather… which meant: a day spent in Carrboro, laying out in the quad, and enjoying great food together!

Erin- enjoying the sun!

Like I mentioned before-  I got to spend some time in Atlanta with my family who lives there! Where we ate much great food and played indoor and outdoor games: soccer! My cousin is a great little soccer player.. After watching her game I decided that I really want to play soccer! I don’t know when, where, or how.. but I’ll figure it out!

Claire on the soccer field

And after my run this morning- I welcomed in APRIL with a yummy and nutritious breakfast to re-fuel!

Hot tea + 2 "cage free" eggs and avocado inside Whole Grain Ezekiel sprouted grain bread!


I love No-Mayo Tuna Salad! March 4, 2010

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Well– this post is sure to be a quick one– I have got a paper to write and an exam to study for and want to get adequate sleep for my personal training session in the morning! My roommate, Courtney, gave me a gift card that she won at work… it is for two free 30 minute personal training sessions at DTFit (down town Greensboro)! I went to my first one last week and it was nifty. The fitness center is really neat and my personal trainer, Robin, is super! Since they are just “intro” sessions I have not really felt pushed but it is free and I love being surrounded by others who are striving to reach their own fitness goals! So, I hope tomorrow is a great session… and will get on with this post so I can get closer to sleep time!

Today began with a delightful breakfast!

Honey wheat toast (from Great Harvest Co.) + smart balance light butter and strawberry jam. 2 eggs!

Then off to class… with one Spanish exam out of the way and an English class finished I headed over to vote for SGA… and on the way snacked on this:

obviously- a banana and 7 raw almonds + some raisins!

After a 3.5 mile run (on the treadmill… needless to say- I’m so excited for Spring running weather to come)… I was ready to REFUEL! So… I made some AWESOME Tuna salad!


  • I really DO NOT like MAYO so… This tuna salad has NONE… And is EXQUISITE!
  • 1 can- light albacore tuna
  • 1 stick celery (chopped)
  • 2 spoon-fulls of non-fat cottage cheese
  • 1 large spoon of Non-fat Organic Plain Greek Yogurt!!!! (Seriously, if you’ve never tried Greek Yogurt… Do it NOW. It has so much more protein and less sugar than most other types/brands of yogurt)!
  • hand-full of raisins
  • some Spicy Brown Mustard
  • Pepper and a dash of Garlic Powder

Open faced Tuna Salad Sandwiches... on Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins!

I ate that and did some homework… then, before I knew it… it was time to fuel up and get ready for work!!

So… I ate a GREAT snack before leaving the house for 5.5 hours for work (4.5 hours at studio and an hour driving)!

"chocolate" Greek Yogurt + Bear Naked "Native" Granola

**Ok- So, I am eating my words… no pun intended! Remember how I did not speak so highly about this yogurt… well, after adding the granola.. I changed my mind! It was soooo good! Of course, I would advise choosing a granola with low sugar content.. they’ll sneak that sugar in on ya!**

So, at the studio I had a delicious Gala Apple… but was ravenous by the time I got home and READY for Dinner!


Salad: mixed greens, carrots, cottage cheese + poppyseed dressing. Kashi Tuscan Veggie Bake! Very yummy!

And… Check out this NEW hot tea!!!! IT’S GREAT!


Hello Birthday Month March 2, 2010

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Well! March– is a great month! Yes, it is my birthday month!

So– my roomies Courtney and Hailey decided to give up their sweet tea addiction for the month so I decided to join in the fun by giving up “sweet treats” for the month! So– Keep me accountable… although, maybe turn your heads on my birthday because I might just have to have  a slice of cake, if there is one present.

Alrighty.. So, today… the first day of march/the first day of a new week/a beautiful day… Today smelled of new opportunities and new goals to be made!!!  But… this lovely day began with breakfast:

"Chocolate Champion Greek Yogurt"...

**This is a Greek Yogurt targeting children… so, of course, I had to try it!! I expected it to taste like a Wendy’s frosty… umm.. NOPE-  Far from it! Let’s just say.. I wont be buying it again! It wasn’t nasty by any means… but I like plain Greek Yogurt far better! Anywho- I added aprox. 6 almonds and sliced banana to it! As well as a side of wheat toast with strawberry jam!**

Then I headed off to close with a cliff z-bar in hand.. for some fuel!

My hunger has increased the past couple of weeks since I have been working a lot on my running speed… I’m not complaining though.. just warning you.. you may see a lot of food on this blog… it’s all necessary though! Alright- moving forward!

I got back from class and needed some lunch/fuel before the gym:

Whole Wheat bagel + mustard + munster cheese + "ham" (fake meat.. :()

**Yes, I had some fake meat… fake ham… as you know, I am not a fan of “fake” protein… I try to eat as natural as possible.. but due to crazy mid-term exam schedule mixed with life schedule and work schedule/competition season beginning… sometimes a girl just has to grab something quick… and as a Pescatarian… this is the best I can do! It doesn’t taste bad.. it’s just very processed and on my list of things to eat is right next to oreo’s… meaning that… this product, as well as most “veggie burgers” and other Boca/Morningstar/Amys products/Tofu products, are quite processed and not to be eaten in excess… in my book at least.  **

Ok- So.. off to the gym and then back to refuel/eat before heading off to the studio:

YUMMY Salad and Whole Wheat Sandwich thin + veggie burger and catsup

At the studio I had an apple.. and then was SO hungry for dinner when I got home! So I had:

Kashi- Veggie Chana Masala!

**Sooooo delicious!**

I think I am about to munch on a carrot stick and make some “sleepy time” hot tea to go along with The Scarlet Letter… gotta read it for class tomorrow! It’s a good one to” have to” read though!

Happy March Everyone! I hope you’re all feeling refreshed as this new month rolls in! I hope that you are energized and ready to set new goals! With spring time around the corner, I hope that you feel motivated to reach those goals and keep moving forward! Praise God for the changing of seasons… and for birthday months!! 🙂